Seductive Saturday

Today was my Shopping Saturday. I also thought is should be my Seductive Saturday too!
I purchased a new pair of shorts from J.Crew. They were having 25% off so there was no way I could have said no!
Bellow are pictures of me sporting my new shorts and being seductive in my red room! Do I know why I wanted to do this? No, I just thought it would be fun since I was sitting in this room and just felt like being seductive. Also bellow are the thoughts that were going through my head as I took the pictures.
Photo 1: “Yeah I can be a model in Vogue magazine”
Photo 2: “Yeah, Let my put my leg here to show that skinny/white thigh”
Photo 3: “Yeah not seductive. Just be cute”
With these sorts I decided to wear a gingham oxford and a cashmere sweater. Does it give a seductive look… Probably not, it was all just for fun.
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