Shoes Of The Moment: Black Leather Margiela Boots

Right Now I am currently obsessing over these Maison Martin Margiela boots I recently got, that were featured in my outfit of the day. I got these boots at an amazing price because of the fact that they were from 2010. The store had to get rid of them so I bought them!
When you shop with me…you always get a great deal.

What is great about these shoes, is the classic Margiela detail with the white stitch. So when you are walking away, those in the know, will know what you are wearing!

I think these boots are for every season! I mean they are awesome for the winter and I think they work great for the summer too!
Now since these boots are not sold anymore…I recommend you find some great black ankle boots that you love!
And if you can find these…GREAT! we should have a boot party!
Oh p.s. these are women’s boots, but you would have never known, unless I had told you.
Oh wait…
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