Simple Interior

For me, simplicity is key…

Over the past year, I have developed a certain esthetic to which I have now become accustomed to, not just though fashion, but also interior design.

Light, simplicity, and monochrome. These are the three elements that make up what I believe to be stylish (to me). Not everyone may agree with my style, but that is okay! Everyone should be entitled to what they believe is best for them. If we didn’t have opinions or in this case different esthetics, then the world would be rather boring.

I wanted to share this interior that I discovered via the Oracle Fox Blog. When I saw it, I thought: YES! This is everything that fits my style and the way I want to structure my life.

Light Interiors

An interior isn’t just an interior. It is more. Interiors explain who we are as people. In my case, simplicity is not only emulated in my clothing choices, but also in my art, design, purchasing behavior, and even my Instagram photos.

This simple interior is stunning! Soft whites, mixed with elemental greys, and matte woods. As I sit here writing this post, I am craving a marble table from Crate & Barrel. You know that moment when you just crave something so bad, well that is currently happening. While I try to figure my need for tables and chairs that I am too young to even have, enjoy the rest of the interior!

Light interiors

Simple Interior


Simple Bedroom

Stunning isn’t it?! I can’t wait for the day when I have an endless budget for my apartment. Lets hope that happens soon.

In the meantime, I guess I could start investing in these small pieces for my future home.


Glass Triplet Chandelier

Art work

Minted for West Elm


Marble + Wood Geometric Objects


Modern Wood Ombre Vases

I hope you enjoyed this post today! Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.


Jack Savoie

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