The Fault In My Closet

I feel that for all the clothes (and other crap) I have, my closet just can’t take the heat! I guess I have a “Fault In My Closet”.

For as much organization I have in my daily life, my closet is just a huge mess!!
Take a look for yourself:

Yeah! Ugly, right?!


Well now that I have accepted “The Fault In My Closet”, it is time to clean it up!
First things first: The Purge!

(Photo Via
Okay Im sorry. That got a bit creepy.

Now is the time to get rid of the things that you haven’t worn in a while. You may think that you will wear it, but if you haven’t worn it by now, I suggest you purge it.

Why do I have a Sims 2 game in my closet? No one will every know why.
Really? An electronic ATM? What am I…Five?!
Okay. Well I love my magazines so…I find another place for these.
A paisley box?
You know what…
we will keep moving on…
I really have no explanation for this…

Purging is a sad sad process, due to the fact that you become attached to things and don’t want to get rid of them. It is heartbreaking, but it will be better in the end!

Why the F**K did I buy these? They are horrible!
YEAH! Take that bad clothes! You gonna be part of the Purge!!
I see you sitting there Man UGGs!
Okay the 12 hour Purge is over and we survived! (do you like my movie references?)
Now on to the next step: Organization!
We all want to be like the “Monica” of organization (Friends reference. Did you get it? I hope so.).
There are many ways to organize. I suggest that all of your hangars are the same. It just gives a cleaner look to the closet. Make sure that you: color code your clothes, fold all of your knit wear (you don’t want points in the shoulders from hangars), hang all of your long pants and fold all of your shorts.
Hot Damn! Now that is a closet!


Well I think we did an amazing job!! Now we can call ourselves the “Monica” of organization.

“The Fault In My Closet” is no more!

I hope you can all be the “Monica” of the “The Fault In Your Closet”





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