The Five Best Looks From The Dior Show!

This is a continuation from what I posted a while back about Dior venturing off to Brooklyn’s Navy Yard to show their 2015 Cruise collection. Dior is super cool now a days with Raf Simons as creative director. He just has this unique style that he keeps consistent with most of the Dior shows. This season for the cruise collection, Dior kept is really simple and clean, but with some really cool elements.
Here are the five best looks (in my opinion) from the Dior show…
1. This first piece is just classic Dior with the back suit, but the blazer is more like a blazer/trench coat thing. This makes it even more amazing!!
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2. Next we have this awesome color blocked black and white dress that looks like it has amazing texture to it. It almost looks as if the little circles were made one by one, then pieced together to make the dress. All I have to say is simply Amazing!
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3. This piece is also a dress, but with a bit of a twist! The bottom portion of the dress is just a simple black, but the top looks like some really awesome silk scarf like thing that just really give the dress the ultimate POP!
Oh also the shoes! they are so neat, with the lace up front. They really give the outfit that edge!
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4. Ok i absolutely love the pants and that beautiful printed shirt, but what I really LOVE is that Camel  jacket! Ugh I mean look at the collar, it gives that dramatic wow factor to the whole look!
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5. Finally, we have this black silk dress with an amazing printed top. I watched the video of the fashion show and let me tell you! The way this dress moves is just so effortless! It is truly beautiful!
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Well Raf Simons! You have done an amazing job, yet again!
Till the next show…
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