“The Frugality” by Alexandra Stedman

Being Frugal with Alexandra Stedman

Hello all,

I hope you are all enjoying this thanksgiving week. Raise your hand if you are ready to stuff your face with warm potatoes and turkey! I know I am. I will be doing a thanksgiving post, so stay tune for that. It is an incredible feeling to get back into the blog. I needed this break to focus on what I love most, which of course is writing to you lovely folks.

For this post I want to share with you a blogger I have recently caught wind of. Her site is called “The Frugality”, and it is such a fun blog to read through.

The Frugality was started by London based stylist and art director, Alexandra Stedman. Unlike most bloggers, Stedman’s style is more approachable and easier to afford. Not to say that the massive bloggers who wear designer everything are not approachable. It is just that this style is a bit more realistic in terms of buying the products seen. Stedman’s wardrobe consists of pieces bought at Gap, TopShop, Primark, and like stores, but then saves like anybody would, for those splurge worthy Proenza bags, or Jimmy Choo shoes. I mean the word frugal is in the name! However, Stedman knows when she has enough disposable income to splurge.

Alexandra Stedman Frugality

Stedman’s “Frugality” makes you feel like the world of fashion is not all about a label and more about what looks good on you. I find it inspiring, as I felt for years that to have a blog you needed designer everything with the occasional Zara or TopShop item, but alas you don’t. Most of my posts have consisted of those expensive items, but now I have a new outlook and have been purchasing accessible clothing that I feel most of you the readers could afford too.

For Example, the majority of items in this look are under $100.

Zara Jumper // Zara Jeans // Aurora London Bag

The Frugality Favorite blogger

Photo via The Frugality. Photo by Ella Sadika

Who says you can’t look chic on a budget? Stedman proves that you can in fact look chic, even when you can only afford to eat ramen for dinner. To me, Stedman’s style is more relatable and I wanted you all to see that there are in fact, bloggers who are sympathetic with your budget.

Go take a look at what her site has to offer. I promise you won’t regret it!

Alexandra Stedman Frugality

Photo via The Frugality

Again, I hope all of your breaks are going well! Stay tuned for thanksgiving.



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