Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!!

It is that time of year again! Time for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!

Victorias Secret Fashion show

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Who watched it?!

If you did not, Please head over to CBS to view the entire show!

Now that you are caught up to speed, we can finally discuss.

This was a great Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! Remember back in February when I told you the show was moving to London? Well they were there! I actually liked that they took a break from New York and chose to show in London. It would have been even more amazing if the show was on the Tower Bridge, but oh well.

I loved the choices of artists that played this year. They really add to the excitement. I think Taylor Swift is practically Karlie Kloss’s sister and a could pass as one of the Angels. Who knows, maybe one of these days we will see Taylor walking down the runway. I mean she has the hight, so why not!

One thing I have seemed to notice is that the show has gotten shorter! I remember years ago when it was close to 2 hours long. The show seems too short, I wish they would just go back to what it used to be. All that aside, this was possibly one of the best shows VS has done. Every year the costumes seem to outdo the years prior. The Victoria’s Secret design team is fantastic. It is so cool to watch the process it takes to make a creation. We think the wings the models wear are pretty, but we don’t realize the process that it takes to make a pair of those. It is truly magical. Here watch this video below to see what must be done in order to make a flawless show.

Amazing right! There is a lot more that just pretty models when it comes to the fashion show. They are just one part of many that make the whole experience something to admire!

I hope you all enjoyed the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show this year! I can’t wait to see what next year brings!