Vintage Louis Vuitton Fits Me Well

Just the other day, I found this amazing consignment boutique in Denver called Wardrobe Works. This place is absolutely amazing! The woman that runs the store is an awesome lady! Her name is Robyn Wackerli. In my mind she is like Meryl Streep! So she is amazing! Now this store has every label you could imagine. I mean we are taking Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Yves Saint Laurent (now Saint Laurent) and so on. Now with labels like these you must be thinking “how much?”, well when you here this you will want to go! Items like dresses range from $125-$600 tops!, suits around $400 and shoes about $250!!! Now these prices are estimates, but things can be much less than what I have stated.

This store is a must to stop at for any label lover!

When I walked in to this store, I found my sister this beautiful white Lanvin Shirt. She tried it on and she absolutely loved it, so I bought it for her. Now as I kept walking around the store I discovered this vintage Louis Vuitton (circa 1995) luggage case! I fell madly in love with this bag from the moment I set eyes on it. It has a combination lock for the zipper, the lather has a very beautiful patina to it and hello! It is a Louis Vuitton!
Well anyways long story short, I ended up getting this suitcase! And I have been in love with it. I keep looking at it and admiring it. I was very lucky to snap up such wonderful piece, one that Louis Vuitton themselves does not produce anymore. OH I forgot to mention, It is called the Louis Vuitton Pullman. Look it up. There are many different versions.

Now here are some pictures of the bag:
Im sure you too will fall in love!

Now here is the moment I learned that I was able to fit in the bag. 😀
I was very proud of this moment!
This bag completes my life!
We are in a pretty committed relationship right now. I mean marriage talk is in the works! LOL
Thank you so much Robyn for letting me get this wonderful bag!!
Now I am off to Louis Vuitton to pick up a personalized bag tag!
Everyone! Wardrobe Works is located at:
126 West 12th Avenue
Denver, CO 80204
Here is the phone number as well:
Go shop at Wardrobe Works!
Jack and Pullman