The Woods Fine Jewelry

Swooning for The Woods Fine Jewelry!

So this is a bit of a short post today, but I suddenly felt inspired to tell you all about The Woods Fine Jewelry!

I stopped by the lovely Goldyn today just to see what was new. Turns out, they just received some new jewelry pieces from The Woods! I have been a big fan of The Woods ever since Goldyn introduced me to them. The Woods was founded by sisters Shawn Hecox and Samantha Hitchcock. The sisters have an affinity for cut raw diamonds and can be seen in many creations. The pieces are their own, they are simple, but have a earthy vibe to them. Since being exposed to this great brand, the company’s pieces have been seen on multiple celebrities and are now being carried not only by Goldyn, but other retailers as well.

So, there I was, drooling over the artful display of fine jewels in a large case. Caleb Tillapaugh, employee of Goldyn, was raving about his favorite pieces, all the while placing what he thought would look great on me. I was not disappointed by any creation, but was most impressed with a diamond charm bracelet that Shawn had just brought in.

The Woods Fine Jewelry

If you can see the circle rose charm, surrounded by diamonds…that is the charm I fell for. I am even thinking of obtaining just the charm, in order to place it on a simple chain necklace! Not that the bracelet isn’t beautiful, its just that I love the rose charm itself.

Ugh, I need it! While I figure my life out, I will leave you with some pieces available for purchase via Goldyn. Enjoy!


All Photos Via Goldyn

  1. I.D. Bracelet
  2. Raw Diamond Bangle
  3. Quintuplet Baguette Earrings
  4. Bangle of Raw Diamonds
  5. Raw Diamond Eternity Necklace 

Well I hope you enjoyed this post!

Have a great week



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